Cloud Engineering and Infrastructure

• Easy web migration to the cloud to scale for thousands of your customers
• Affordable future-proof solutions for massive computing
• Create your own private cloud to connect to other public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
• Choose cloud equipment for every budget and need
• Open compute solutions for affordable network and storage infrastructure
• Expertise in open cloud technologies
• Disaster recovery planning and implementation

Systems Integration
• Provision of complete integration of hardware and software solutions for your custom computing environment
• Specialist in mobile and private-public hybrid cloud deployments.
• Large staff of in-house hardware, software engineers, and infrastructure Architects

Network Design and Infrastructure
• Specialist in wireless and wired network solutions
• Flexible approach using off-the-shelf wireless equipment and long range 4G and Wi-max technologies
• Complete network assessment, planning, maintenance, and future-proof Upgrades

Encryption and Digital Security
• 64-bit AES encryption for digital rights management of copyrighted material
• Encryption of data with policy and key management
• Customer control over encryption keys
• Achieve highest security using 256-bit AES network encryption
• Achieve ultimate cloud security with cryptographic isolation

Mobile Software Development
• Custom app development for 4 platforms: iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows
• Dedicated mobile development teams using agile development for quick and rapid deployment
• Management of complete app lifecycle from alpha to market release
• Dedicated product managers serving as a champion of your mobile computing needs
• Bug and analytics reporting

Transactional and Security Printing
• Featuring the first and only HP T230 Digital Inkjet Web Press for variable, customized, and print-on-demand
• 2,000-sqm facility for fully secured quarantine jobs, with complete isolation and complete accommodations for up to 100 persons
• Entertainment facility with exercise equipment, ping-pong table, billiards, darts, karaoke, and 24-hour catering
• Variable security printing for checks, statement of accounts, invoices, insurance statements, bank statements, test booklets featuring double scrambled technology

Cloud-based Enterprise Applications
• Purchasing software
• Customer Relationship Management
• Self-service portals to provision enterprise services
• Disaster management and emergency response applications
• Command and control systems for local and national government